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OLD SALOON: Western Games Clan
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The "Old Saloon" clan was born thanks to the passion for the Far West and for videogames of this genre. We love a clean and fair game and above all the aim is fun, so we hate particularly unfair players that use hacks to cheat (hackers).

We believe that a hacker or cheater is a player who is not able to play because he needs the hacks to make points. Indeed a good player does not need these tricks. Winning with hacks is easy and obvious and in this way efforts and personal satisfaction in playing fail. For these reasons we believe that the cheater not only is not able to catch the spirit of the game but above all he is unable to have fun.

Remaining for a long time in the clan is very easy, you have just to comply with the following obvious rules and to be correct players. Therefore I wish you all a long stay and above all good fun!

Frank Colter



During the matches with the clan it is strictly prohibited to use hacking softwares or any other system that enables to have skills above those allowed by the game or to take advantage of any kind (eg. Wallhacking, Injector, Spider Hacking, etc. ).

If a member of the clan would be seen using hacks or cheats of any kind, even outside of the game servers of the clan, he will be equally punished and dismissed from the clan.

The clan members are asked to report to the administrators the names of any hacker / cheater seen cheating within the game servers of the clan.


During the matches with the clan you are not allowed to profit by game bugs as those that let you glimpse through walls, get inside objects or that allow to cross barriers to go outmap.

The clan members are requested to report to the administrators the names of any unfair player seen taking advantage of bugs or outmap in the game servers of the clan.


In the game chat you are not allowed to spam (sending many consecutive and rapid phrases in chat that invade all the space available, thus limiting the use by others). It is therefore not allowed to send more than 5 consecutive messages in quick succession.

Similarly, in game chat you are not allowed to insult or offend other players (eg. Saying noob or other offenses), as well as writing bad words of any kind.

Finally in game chat you are not allowed to complain, lament or criticize the gaming style of the other players (eg. Charges of campering, use of dynamites, etc). Everyone is free to play as he wishes, as long as he adheres to what is allowed and is part of the game.


The "Old Saloon" clan uses the acronym *OS* as identification code (tag), placed before the nickname of the player, during the matches of the clan. The tag *OS* stays precisely for "Old Saloon", it is written uppercase and is characterized by two asterisks before and after the acronym. The players, in order to be identified as members of the clan "Old Saloon", are required to use this tag placed before their own nicknames (*OS*Nickname) during matches with the clan. The members of the clan will have to use this tag written before the nickname during all the matches played by the clan, both those performed within the clan (tournaments) and those carried out against other clans (challenges). During the matches performed as training, the use of the tag is not obligatory but recommended to facilitate the identification of the members. Similarly, the use of the tag is not obligatory for the nickname of the forum.

Some players in multiplayer use multiple alternate nicknames but, in order to facilitate the identification, in the forum and in the official matches of the clan (tournaments and challenges) it is always required the use of the main and most used nickname. During trainings instead nickname is free, but it is nonetheless recommended to always keep the same name.


The new members of the clan forum will have to do an admission test (audition) in order to verify the eligibility for participation in the clan and to achieve recruitment. The new members will not have access to sections of the forum before the audition, after which, if successful, access to the forum will be unlocked and they will become part of the clan. Users who will refuse to take the test, will be automatically send away from the forum and clan by the cancellation of registration.

The admission test has simply the purpose to verify that first the player conducts a proper and fair game (eg. That he does not use hacks or not exploit bugs and outmap, etc.) and secondly that he demonstrates to have the minimum requirements to participate to races of the clan, in order to avoid total failure and dissatisfaction.

New members will not have to face the test with anxiety or worry, because in order to be admitted to the clan, the staff does not require great skills or to be professional players, but simply to have a minimum knowledge of the game and of basic commands, maps and various game modalities, therefore it is required only a minimum of mastery of the game itself.

The test will be carried out with one or more members of the staff (admins, vice admins, mods).


The races performed within the clan (tournaments) or those carried out against other clans (challenges) will be subject to a regulation that will have to be strictly respected by clan members who choose to participate. Measures will be taken against those who will not compliance with these rules. This Regulation is published in sections of the forum "Tournaments" and "Challenges". The matches performed as training instead will not be subject to any specific regulation.

Opening days and hours of the server for races appointments, will be announced in the forum and established exclusively by the administrators. Any problem that might occur on the game servers of the clan (such as connection problems, bad ping, lag, disconnection from the server, etc.) will be soon resolved by the admins, but anyway they can’t be the object of accusations, criticisms or complaints by the members of the clan against the staff.

After winnings of other players or after your own defeats, you are not allowed to use accusations or to justify the defeats by attributing responsibility to external factors, such as bad ping, lag, disconnection from the server, PC or various instrumentation, etc. Indeed the game anyway could never be perfectly on equal terms for all players, because the factors just mentioned can be highly variable. For example, some may have lag because of the slow PC or, since this is an international clan, players that are geographically distant from the server will always have high ping, etc.

So, apart from the scores obtained during the matches, what matters most is to play to the best of your instrumentation and ability, and above all to have fun. On the other hand one can see and appreciate in any case if a player is experienced, beyond the limits that he could have such as ping, lag, instrumentation, etc.

The results and scores obtained during official competitions (tournaments and challenges) will be listed in the rankings published in the section "Results and Classifications".


During the matches with the clan KF (Kick Fight) is not allowed, as well as inviting other members to use it. So for example in skirmishes and robberies it is not allowed the kick duel (KF) between the last two remaining opponents at the end of the round, not to dwell the waiting time for the start of the new round.

On the other hand it is allowed to use the kick as a secondary weapon / strategy during a close fight, for example when ammunitions end.

Instead during training, at the discretion of the admins of the server, you will be allowed to do KF as duel or battle, also in order to have fun.


Disputes, controversy and criticism by members of the clan are not allowed about the following points: this Regulation, the rules of game and matches, admission or banning of some members, the settings and working of the server, any decision or measure taken by the staff (mods, vice admins, admins) about the game, any disciplinary action implemented in the matches (such as the kill, kick or ban) against a player who has an unfair conduct, any problem encountered in the game server, the rules regarding the game chat, the sequence of maps in the matches or the map change, the hours and days of the matches or the opening of the server, possible connection problems of individual players or about the server of the clan, any problem encountered during the game such as lag, ping and disconnection from the server, the individual style and gameplay choosen by each player, any inattention by the admins in the administration of the server during matches, hierarchies and scoring assigned to the members, the results and rankings reported on the forum (moreover incontestable since they are based on the screenshots), the convocations of members in the official matches (based on the classifications). Who does these or similar objections could be subject to measures from the staff.


Players who do not comply with this Regulation, on the base of seriousness and importance of the violated point of the regulation, will be subject to the measures that may be one or more of the following ones, at the discretion of the administrators:

1- Expulsion from clan and forum via ban
2- Definitive expulsion from the game server via ban
3- Temporary expulsion from the game server via kick
4- Lowering or cancellation of scores obtained during the races
5- Temporary expulsion from clan or forum via temporary ban
6- Exclusion from matches with the clan via the cancellation of access to the game server
7- Downgrading of the membership hierarchy obtained in the forum
8- Partial or total cancellation of permissions in the forum
9- Knocking down in game via kill



When you write in the forum (post, topics, chat, etc) it is forbidden to use bad language, racist or pornographic language, offensive language towards other users, to discuss topics related to the exchange of files and peer-to-peer softwares, etc. Similarly the nickname must not be made by this kind of contents.


In the moment of the registration, users will have to register with the main nickname that they typically use in game or that they will choose to use during the matches with the clan, in order to avoid confusion and to allow recognition by the admins. The nickname can’t be made up of just numbers, just punctuation or just chat symbols, but there must be present at least one letter.


Users are asked to enter truthful datas in their profile (eg. Age, country, etc.). If the admins would become aware of the falsity of some data (thanks to the control systems implemented in the forum), the users in question may be subject to some measures.


Each user can register with and use only one account, so it is absolutely forbidden to create multiple accounts, except under the express request and subsequent approval by the admins, on the basis of the reasons given (eg. The cases in which two persons use the same computer or the same connection, as two brothers or friends, etc.). Users are warned that the admins of the forum use multiple accounts detection systems so, if you are creating more than one account, reporting will be immediate and in this case multiple accounts will be immediately deleted and the user will be banned from the forum.


In the image used for your avatar there can’t be contents that are vulgar, offensive, strong or that may disrupt the emotionality of susceptible subjects, racist or pornographic images, etc. Similarly, pictures and videos posted in the forum should not be made of this kind of contents.

6f) SPAM

In the forum it is not allowed to spam, in the sense that it is not allowed to write more than two consecutive posts in the same topic and in any case the two consecutive posts can’t be equal.


On the forum it is strictly forbidden to post texts taken whole or in part from other sources, if not with mention of the source itself, where this is allowed. The same is for images or videos under copyright.


The work of the staff (admins, vice-admins and mods) and any measure played out are unquestionable by users. The same is for the mods towards vice-admins and admins and for the vice-admins towards admins.


Players who do not comply with this Regulation, on the base of seriousness and importance of the violated point of the regulation, will be subject to the measures that may be one or more of the following ones, at the discretion of the administrators:

1-Expulsion from clan and forum via ban

2-Temporary expulsion from clan or forum via temporary ban

3-Exclusion from matches with the clan via the cancellation of access to the game server

4-Downgrading of the membership hierarchy obtained in the forum

5-Partial or total cancellation of permissions in the forum

6-Cancellation without notice of the posts or of any content added in the forum that are considered not suitable